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CypNest is a nesting software designed for CypCut/HypCut sheet laser cutting system. It integrates advanced functions of drawing modification, quick nesting, toolpath generation, analysis report and more to meet your production needs.

Drawing Modification and Import Intelligent parts recognition, drawing error identification and optimization. Support file formats of DWG and DXF. Support batch create and import parts via Excel table.
Nesting Strategy Powerful algorithm engine of high efficiency and production rate; no limit of sheet and parts quantity in nesting; support manual and automatic nesting; support free form sheet nesting.
Toolpath Optimization Smart toolpath strategy to minimize travel length; smooth operation style for toolpath adjusting; multiple common line options to meet your production needs.
Production Assist Generate analysis report of production and pricing. Technique and cutting parameter perfectly match with HypCut/CypCut laser cutting software.
Software Download
CypNest Other
CypNest 2023V1.9
Update Log
Update Log
Online support chat window is included in the Nesting interface.

Cutting Path, Report, Drawing Techniques, et.
1.Support batch unfolding 3D model
2.Support multi-place text adding
3.NC exporting available to match flame plasma machine
4.Upgraded display and interaction of part-detail list
5.Support tutorial searching through embedded window
6.Normalized user parameters setting
7.Support custom position and length of inkjet printing
8.Improved reading speed and fluency of complex file
9.Improved efficiency of join segment

Fixed bugs
1.Control input error of Co-edged path MicroJoint
2.Text identification error under certain situation
3.MicroJoint abnormal when generate cutting path
4.Fail to exit after dividing Un-nested parts in main interface

Update Log
Update Log
Multilingual supported. If you want to use multilingual version, please download this and close auto update. The languages added are Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese.

Auto Nest
- Infinite length of nesting
- Intelligent screening of plates with the highest utilization rate in a specific interval for automatic nesting(premium function)

Auto Sort
- UI optimization of Grid Sort

Tool Path Options
- Manually adding arc-shaped skeleton cutoff lines
- Free selection of relative cutting order of skeleton lines and parts
- Support setting the starting position of skeleton line
- Support splitting the cut part of the nested plates during processing
- Support setting island overcut

- Page-by-page display of nesting results in custom reports
- Custom reports only display the thumbnail of the nested area 

Auto Add Technique
- Quick editing of a single MicroJoint function
- Added MicroJoint keys

And more...
Update Log
Update Log
Major Updates:
1.Add advanced nesting strategy of higher efficiency;
2.Add direction option in Smart Sort to guarantee safer toolpath;
3.Add Grid Sort to reduce heat-effect of dense small circle cutting;
4.Improve Auto Micro-Joint;
5.Add batch Micro-Joint in drop-down menu;
6.Auto resize nested sheet by used area;
7.Support unclosed remnant line;
8.Support to simulate only selected toolpath;
9.Support to delete nesting and nested parts;
10.Support Common Cut Prior in sorting strategy;
11.Support batch import sheets.
Update Log
Update Log
Major Updates:
1. Support to delete sheet material;
2. Select parts by Shift and Ctrl short key;
3. Support circle in-part nesting;
4. Support batch modify technique of common line parts;
5. Support to replace nested parts from nesting;
6. Support only export selected nesting as *.nrp file;
7. Support to add micro-joint tags in common line array;
8. Support to register account by email.
Update Log
Update Log
Major updates:
1. Korean Supported . If you want to use Korean version, please download this and close auto update.
CypNest User Manual-V1.0 CypNest User Manual